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We are heavy users of using SQLi connections to connect to Incorta. 

In first scenario, we have an upstream tenant "load_data", where we load data from our source systems for all/multiple operating groups. We created downstream tenants based on operating groups; ex: opg1, opg2. Users in the downstream tenants are using the upstream tenant to get their respective data loaded into their respective tenant based on security filters we setup in upstream tenant using the connection service account user for each group/tenant.

In the downstream tenant we are using Schema Wizard to use the upstream tenant sqli connection to be able to browse schemas/tables definitions.

When we create the table in downstream tenant, we are missing the column labels and/or descriptions that have been already set in the upstream tenant. The schema wizard is using the column name as the label.

In second scenario, we are using PowerBI as our visualization tool for some projects. Since we are using the SQLi connection to get information schema (data dictionary). We are missing the column labels/descriptions.

We need to be able get the labels/descriptions populated by the tool/connection so that users don't have to manually type them after the table is created.