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I work as part of an organization in which we delineate access to dashboards and folders based off a user's position (which is not novel, I know).  However, we have frequent situations where (for example) Sales needs access to Inventory information but not other manufacturing information.  The "Inventory" folder resides within a larger "Manufacturing" folder.  

It would be really nice if we had a way to copy an alias of the "Inventory" folder into the "Sales" folder (or do the same thing with dashboards). The alias would inherit the shares of its parent folder within "Sales" but clicking in the "Inventory" folder would direct you to the actual dashboards that reside within "Manufacturing" (so that we aren't maintaining two copies of the same things).

Sharing the individual folder/dashboard with "Sales" users can sometimes cause problems when we're not very careful with the other permissions within the folder structure AND it would be nice to have the "Inventory" folder reside within a specific location in the "Sales" folder structure, instead of just dumped into the "Content" folder.