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  Users are looking to enhance the waterfall layout in Incorta to support their custom layout needs. the chart below shows Prior years' margin in the first bar and current years' margin in the last bar. All the bars in the middle show how current years attributes like volume effect, customer price, purchase price, Mix Effect etc., along with prior years margin and results in the current year margin shown in the last bar below.

So, in the chart below they want current year to start from 0 whereas Incorta starts from 17M (running sum of prior year and other attributes) line. As a workaround we have added negative sign in the reporting end to have the metric start from 0.



We have tried recommending vertical bar chart and other charts, but they want this waterfall chart layout to support their custom requirement.


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Just to add on that in the current version, there is a limitation where users cannot directly display both the percentage (%) and absolute value in a single measure or with two separate measures.

for better understanding I have attached the screen shot.

It's good to consider this functionality as well.