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Currently, we have encountered a challenge regarding the management of bookmarks within the platform. Specifically, we have found it difficult to keep bookmarks independent from the dashboard itself. In cases where we are unable to overwrite the dashboard due to different GUIDs, the only option available is to manually modify the XMLs to include the desired bookmarks. Unfortunately, this approach is not only risky but also time-consuming.

Therefore, we kindly request that you consider implementing a feature that allows bookmarks to be detached from the dashboard. By making bookmarks independent entities, it would be much easier for users to apply them across various dashboards, reducing the need for manual XML modifications.

Having this functionality would not only streamline the process but also enhance the overall user experience within Incorta. Users would have the ability to manage and apply bookmarks more efficiently, resulting in improved productivity and a smoother workflow.

We truly believe that implementing an independent bookmark feature would greatly benefit all Incorta users at Skechers, and I look forward to seeing the continuous enhancements you bring to the platform.

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This is a must have and Incorta should work on providing this feature where bookmarks can be exported and imported independently between different versions of a same dashboard.