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Status: New

We'd like to request an enhancement to the date session variables available. We find ourselves needing to use the previous quarter's end date a lot. We created a global variable named $lastQuarterEnd as a workaround with the following syntax. Though we can put that in our date dashboard filters, the one thing we can't use it for is in a date range for BETWEEN (e.g. $lastQuarterStart - $lastQuarterEnd) since our global variable can't be recognized in the between operator.

In addition to that one, could we request that the corresponding END variable be added to all the START variables? Existing start variables down below:
  1. $currentQuarterStart
  2. $currentWeekStart
  3. $currentYearStart
  4. $lastMonthStart
  5. $lastQuarterStart
  6. $lastWeekStart
  7. $lastYearStart
  8. $nextMonthStart
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Also - allow variables to be assigned data types to all those dates get treated as dates!