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Often we will create presentation variables in dashboards, and then add formulas to insights in the dashboard which refer to the presentation variables. This creates a major limitation because the unlike other formula columns, these columns cannot be added to a business schema (since the presentation variable does not exist outside of the report). This impedes usability because usually only our data team will be able to add columns that require this type of formula.

It would be great if we could create presentation variables which exist independently of reports, and then add those to reports when we need to use them. Then business schema's could include this kind of formula.


Hi @johnmanitaras 

Presentation Variable is local to the dashboard and the view in business schema is global. Same business view can be used in multiple dashboards. We cannot add a formula in a business view which refers to a presentation Variable and this impedes usability.

To address this we are planning to add a business view at a dashboard level where user can define formulas in a view and use it in multiple insights. These formulas will be able to refer to presentation variable as well.


Hi @anurag 

I don't believe this solution will be practical, since it will require us to generate a business schema just for the dashboard which will slow down dashboard development. My idea is not that you allow us to refer to local dashboard presentation variables in the business schema. My idea is that you CREATE a concept of GLOBAL presentation variables.