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TL/DR - notify me if the loader service is down and my scheduled load didn't run.

I was recently awakened to an email asking why our data wasn't there ( *some* data was there, but not the data from the incremental build which should have happened overnight ).

I quickly checked my inbox - no failure notifications.   

I then jumped into Incorta and with bleary eyes looked at the top of the schema page - no errors there ...

I looked a bit closer - the date was two days ago.  That's not right.... what????

Turns out the loader service was down.   Apparently the load didn't *fail* because the load never started.    Incorta should loop through the schedule checking for status after the scheduled run times and include NULL status ( i.e. when the load didn't run at all ) in the "I need to email somebody" algorithm. 

Bonus - maybe ping analytic, loader, and notebook services and let me know whenever any of them are down.   Super-bonus - fix them before I even know they are down  😉