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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

Each month get excited to learn from an Incorta subject-matter expert and experienced industry professionals from every department of the organization. 

For this month’s Employee Spotlight, say hello to Jiefang Zhang, Product Manager.

You’ve seen her present in the Community User Group meetings, let’s learn a little more about Jiefang.

Employee Spotlight Jiefang Zhang (1).png

What led you to join Incorta? How long have you been working at Incorta? 

I’m reaching my 1 year mark next week (YAY!). Cannot believe how time passed by just so quickly. I’ve been working in the data and analytics space and I was amazed by the speed Incorta processed and loaded the data compared to another tool I was using. I discovered Incorta had already solved the data pipeline problem my previous team struggled with and was very excited to get the opportunity to work for the future of data analytics.


Do you have a favorite Incorta feature? 

My favorate feature is the recently released Marketplace. It opened so many possibilities of doing analytics - you can easily find and leverage so many pre-built analytic content and integrations and you can also package your solutions and share it with the Incorta user community.


In your opinion, what is one thing Incorta customers can do to optimize their experience? 

Share your current experience and new ideas - those are all sources for us to ensure you get the best experience.


Talking about Incorta customers, what are some resources all Incorta customers should have in their toolkit? 

Highly recommended that you bookmark the Incorta Community and Documentation - great place to find guides & references, ask questions, and connect with other Incorta users.

You should also attend Virtual Hands-on Labs - great way to explore Incorta features and get your questions answered live.


Moving away from Incorta-based questions, let’s talk about some personal interests. What book are you currently reading or what show are you currently watching? 

The Everything Store 


That’s it from Jiefang! Be sure to check out some of the resources mentioned and stay tuned for future Employee Spotlight!