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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni


Each month get excited to learn from an Incorta subject-matter expert and experienced industry professionals from every department of the organization.

On today’s first-ever Employee Spotlight, say hello to Tristan Barrientos (@Tristan), Director of Project Management at Incorta!

You’ve seen him in the Community writing Knowledge Base articles and keeping our content flowing so let’s get to know a little bit about Tristan.


What led you to join Incorta? How long have you been working at Incorta?

I have a background of working with large enterprise application ecosystems and business users who have to wait for long pipelines to get the data to do the reporting/find the insights that they need to run their business.  I have fought that battle many times and had never really seen a tool that was as fast as Incorta or could handle the volumes that Incorta can, so that excited me.  In short, I loved Incorta’s technology and really liked the people at Incorta which made me want to join.  I have been here for just over three years.


Do you have a favorite Incorta feature?

Is it boring to say Direct Data Mapping?  It is what makes working with Incorta data fast.


In your opinion, what is one thing Incorta customers can do to optimize their experience?

Customers should educate themselves on how Incorta works by taking the free courses available on  The more you learn, the more you can take advantage of what Incorta has to offer and the better your experience will be.


Talking about Incorta customers, what are some resources all Incorta customers should have in their toolkit?

Incorta offers a lot of great resources that customers should take advantage of:

  • Incorta Community - a place to explore best practices, ask and answer questions, find out about events and get to know other Incorta uses
  • Incorta Docs - documentation for every release of Incorta
  • Incorta Learn - free classes that equip your team to get the most out of Incorta
  • Incorta Support - the portal the gets you access to Incorta experts who will help you resolve any issues that come up

Customer should also make sure that they are doing the right things on their own side:

  • Define the use cases that you plan to implement in Incorta clearly
    • Involve Subject Matter Experts (SME’s)  from the business who can articulate and document clean requirements
    • Involve SME’s who know the data backwards and forwards
  • Have a strong executive champion for Incorta
    • Change can be hard but a strong leader can make sure that folks move onto the new (and in this case better)
    • It’s a good idea to track adoption as well
  • Train up your own resources on Incorta
    • Those who will do data modeling should take the Foundations (developers) course
    • Those will administer Incorta should take the Fundamentals (administrators) course
    • Those who will explore data and build dashboards should take the Essentials (analysts) course
    • Business users should know how to navigate the UI and how to work with the content built around the use cases they will exercise on a day to day basis.
      • The Incorta for the Dashboard Consumer course is a good start for many
      • I recommend customer specific training created for the customer’s specific use cases
  • Keep up with the latest features and releases from Incorta - there is always a lot of great stuff coming to make customers’ lives easier
  • If you need it, ask Incorta for help.  We have lots of great services and products to help customers succeed


Moving away from Incorta-based questions, let’s talk about some personal interests. What book are you currently reading or what show are you currently watching? 

 I usually read science fiction but I am currently reading a Jack Reacher novel, The Midnight Line.  I am desperately waiting for The Winds of Winter by George R.R. Martin to come out (who is with me on that!).

With regards to shows, I am watching Stranger Things with my kids.  They don’t get all of the historic references, but I do.  We are almost to the finale!



That’s it from Tristan! Be sure to check out some of the resources mentioned and stay tuned for a future Employee Spotlight! 


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