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Community Manager
Community Manager

The ideas board is a rich ecosystem of partners, customers, prospects, or Incorta users who all collaborate to make suggestions about the Incorta platform and enhance and improve the Incorta experience. 

Managing ideas is no easy task. Our product team constantly strives to prioritize innovation, maintain quality, and move Incorta to meet an ambitious product vision. To best help prioritize some key features and ensure we hear all voices, the ideas board is a place to submit ideas, comment on others, and upvote. Our monthly PM team reviews community ideas monthly to determine what ideas should eventually become a part of the Incorta platform. 


As the product managers review the ideas, you'll see the following statuses applied to ideas:

New - The default status when an idea is submitted by a user. Something with a new status could have been viewed by a PM, but the PM may wait to see if the idea garners any more upvotes.

Needs Info - The product manager has reviewed the idea, but the feature requires further use case discovery or discussion on the community idea board.

Accepted - The idea is something that our PMs are closely tracking to potentially bring into prioritization.

Prioritized - The idea has been brought into funneled into our product team's feature management platform to determine the development timeline.

Delivered - The idea has been made available in the Incorta platform.

Backlogged - The idea is something that our team is not planning to add to the roadmap, but could potentially consider it in the future with enough 'likes'.

How can I see the roadmap between when something has been 'prioritized' and 'delivered'?
To view our roadmap, you can go here. Note that ideation can still continue on the roadmap page. Any of the features can be selected, labeled to their importance, and if a label is applied, additional comments are welcomed.