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Community Manager
Community Manager

We're happy to announce that courses have launched in our Incorta Academy ( that represent the latest release of Incorta 6. As of today, courses that reflect the new changes are:

With the on-demand Essentials 6 course, we've improved from what we've heard around the community. 

  • We've foundationally updated the foundation of the content. This will in turn allow for quicker updates to courses in the future.
  • The course player no longer embeds another course player within it. In doing so, we've eliminated much of the navigational confusion of what to do next. 
  • Lifted many pre-requisite lessons so you can lead your learning journey
  • Added more playback video of solutions so you don't have to wait for lengthy GIFs to loop
  • Kept many of the hands-on components but lifted the number of submissions. This will reduce the time needed to return to your work!

For any more questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact our team at