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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

Wondering how our rank and our badges work? We've got you covered! 🥳

The community ranking system is a fun element that recognizes and rewards members who actively participate.

You can see someone's rank in their profile, or in any thread they have posted in, and you can learn a lot from it: the higher the rank, generally the more helpful and active the member has been in the community.

The best thing to do is to visit our community often and talk to other members, but here are some specific actions that will help you level up along the way:  

  • Starting discussions and posting questions 
  • Participating in ongoing discussions
  • Providing answers to other community member's questions
  • Giving and receiving kudos on posts 

Badges are earned by participating in special challenges across the community. Be on the lookout for opportunities to earn badges in your inbox and across the community. 

See ya’ on the leaderboard! 🏆