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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

Welcome to the newly relaunched Incorta Community! If you’re just joining us, we’re glad you’re here. If you’ve been part of the community all along, we appreciate you. You’re about to have a lot more company.

This community relaunch represents a promise to improve and increase our contribution to assisting our members and customers en route to analytics success. 

In 2021, we built the foundation to be able to scale. That included bringing in a new CEO; expanding the sales and marketing teams, and adding a partner marketing leader. I came on board as Chief Customer Officer, and began building out the customer success organization. 

We also reinvested in building the community experience, since we know community is a key pillar of customer success. We have a platform that people love and that our customers get tremendous value from. This year, we build camaraderie around it. 

We envision a space where people of all backgrounds and levels of expertise, customers and non-customers, can connect with us and with each other. It is a place where people can ask questions, share insights and ideas, and learn from each other.

Because people are what bring software to life. It isn’t enough to give customers a tool and documentation. Product documentation is like the owners manual for a car. It tells you the features of the car and how they work. But it doesn’t tell you where you can go with it and all the things you can do with it.

Most of our customers have a destination in mind when they first implement Incorta. But they quickly find new use cases across the organization. We want the community to be a place where people can share what they’re discovering, so that all customers can benefit.

To support that, we’ve invested in Khoros, best in class software that can scale and support a richer experience as we grow. We’ve updated and expanded our content library. But most importantly, we’re making a commitment to actively tend the community day in and day out, and to provide the resources to do it.

Joe Miller, Senior Director of Community, Customer Education, Kaila Timmons, Community Manager, will be spearheading the effort. But these are not the only Incortans you’ll see there. We’re committed to making our internal experts across the company available to provide insights and answers, because the most important value of our community is authenticity. 

That starts with us showing up every day and representing, but it doesn’t end there. We want to make the community a safe place to share not just ideas and successes, but also challenges and concerns. That means listening to all feedback—even things that might be hard to hear.

In my experience, all feedback is helpful. It’s a great leading indicator of the experience people are having with the product and the company. Negative feedback is usually related to some kind of roadblock a customer is experiencing. Usually if one person is voicing an issue, others are also experiencing it or will soon.

Finding out about those early helps us make sure it gets addressed quickly and that people get the support they need, whether that’s from our team or from another community member. Sometimes a problem is not actually not a roadblock but a misunderstanding of how our product is intended to work. Finding that out is helpful too, as it points us in the direction of where we need to provide better education and training. 

These are not things you’d submit in a support ticket; our customer support team is your go to for that. What we’re aiming for here is to help one another around strategic use cases. Our solution architects will be very active in the community, posting use cases at least once a week, but who we’re really hoping to hear from is you, the professionals working with Incorta in the field. We own the software, but we don’t own the dialog. That is something we create together.

We invite you to join and engage in our community! People who join in the first 100 days will get a Founders Edition badge, so set up your account. Update your avatar.  Tell us a little about yourself in the bio, and introduce yourself at the water cooler. Peruse our knowledge base. Ask a question; your community is waiting to help.