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My Introduction: Joe Miller

Community Manager
Community Manager

I want to welcome everyone to the community! You'll be seeing me around the community, so here's a little bit of information about myself:

  • I love building communities 🤝
  • I love pizza 🍕
  • I'm a GIF specialist 🖼
  • and a bit of a raconteur 📰

What I love about our community: With dataverse constantly expanding at the speed of light, I've been drawn specifically to data-focused communities.  To me, data is like water. It's everywhere, gives life, it's used in so many incalculable ways. For that reason, centering a community around knowledge and discussions in this field has been exciting because there are new thoughts, ideas, innovations, and use cases coming out every day. I'm proud to be a member.  I'm here to help a listening ear, a sounding board, a docent, and a guide around our community. 


Spot the spoof- Most of these things are true about me except for one. Let's see if you can find it. 

  • Went to the national championships middle-school for the softball toss
  • Featured on my local news network with a mustache
  • Lost 50% of sensitivity in my feet to frostbite
  • Hang glides on the weekends


Hang gliding ... I know you do crazy extreme mountain biking, but pretty sure I would have seen a go-pro of hang gliding by now!

Community Manager
Community Manager

You got it @CaraI! I'm not so good with heights 😂


I'll go for this one : 

  • Hang glides on the weekends

Didn't see it already had been right answered ! 😶

I'll still count it.  😉

Good to have you in the community @Jean-Baptiste. It's been too long.