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After a fresh installation, the CMC login page, automatically logs the user out seconds after the login process.


This issue happens if the server time is not configured correctly.

For example, if the current time is 10 AM UTC, and the server time currently when running "date" command is 4 AM UTC, then the server time is shifted from the current actual time.

This would mean that when incorta checks the time to end the session, it finds that the time already is over and logs out.


You can fix the server time by running the below command for manual set for the time:

sudo timedatectl set-time hh:mm:ss

Or the following command to get the time from NTP server.

sudo timedatectl set-ntp true


To configure the Linux server timezone, you can run the following command and follow the wizard:

timedatectl list-timezones
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