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In order to create Box Data Connector on Cloud (All releases), you should follow the below steps:

Option #1:

  • Use the already configured Box Client (ID/Secret) in CMC that does exist once the cluster is created.

           Note: For staging cluster, use ""

  • Restart all services.
  • Create the Data Source.

Option #2:

  • Create your own Box App, pass this URL "<incortaURL>/service/datasource/oauthRedirect" in the Redirect URIs.
  • In the analytics node: add unified.oauth.redirect.uri=<incortaURL>/service/datasource/oauthRedirect 

         in <incorta_home>/IncortaNode/services/<analytics_guid>/incorta/

  • Update CMC with the Client (ID/Secret) which is configured in the Box App.
  • Restart all services.
  • Create the Data Source.

The Following steps has to be followed to have the box connection working on Cloud:

  • We have to get the client ID and token from Box app and paste it in the CMC then restart all services.
  • From the Box App, we have to add the return URI which has this format:
    https://<cluster url>/incorta/service/datasource/oauthRedirect
  • From the backend on our side, we have to update the file files in the analytics and update this line to have the following url
    unified.oauth.redirect.uri=https://<cluster url>/incorta/service/datasource/oauthRedirect
  • From Box App, we have to give the app READ and WRITE permissions, as the write permission is used to download the files, else it will not work.
  • After finishing all steps above, we have to add the box connection then authorize.
  • Please note that if the authorize was already done with a read only access, we have to re-authorize after adding the write access as well.
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