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Apache Spark Web UI URLs are currently accessible by anybody without any authentication.
It is a big problem for deployments when schema admins need to access to Spark Master/Worker/Job UIs to see MV jobs and SQLi Jobs and these ports are exposed.


 Incorta Security Filter for Spark can protect Spark UIs from unauthorized access while allowing only incorta users to see job details securely.

Steps to apply incorta spark UI with user authentication :
1- Go to the following path:


Incorta installation path / IncortaNode / spark / jars​


2- Uncompress and add the attached jar.

3- Vim file


Incorta installation path / IncortaNode / spark / conf /spark-defaults.conf​


4- Add the following configurations in


spark.ui.filters com.incorta.BasicAuthFilter incorta http://localhost:8080


5- Replace http://localhost:8080  with incorta analytic URL and port



For clustered machines with many analytics services on different machines, u can add the above to any node in the spark configurations.


For external spark add the same jar and same configurations in


external spark path / spark / jars
external spark path / spark / conf /spark-defaults.conf


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