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Community Manager


  Today, the marketplace allows users to install:

  • Data applications: Data applications capture best practices from the community to bring you prebuilt analytics, including dashboard templates and content for accessing, organizing, and presenting data from popular business solutions such as Oracle E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, NetSuite, SAP, JD Edwards, and Salesforce.
  • Components: The community-contributed repository of features driven by JavaScript developers seeking to extend the Incorta visual framework with new custom components, including new visual elements.

What you need to know before reading this article

Currently, the marketplace is only supported on the Incorta cloud.

Let's Go

Installing a Data Application 

Looking for a reliable and efficient way to analyze and comprehend your enterprise business data? Look no further than Incorta data applications! These innovative tools provide a diverse range of physical schemas, business schemas, and pre-built analytics dashboard templates designed specifically to help you access, organize, and present data from popular business solutions, including Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS), Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, NetSuite, SAP, ServiceNow, and Salesforce. With Incorta data applications, you can quickly and easily implement operational analytics. Keep revisiting the marketplace, as we are always adding data applications.

2023-06-15 15.05.46.gif

Installing a Component

We are making it easy for developers to share and reuse components. The Incorta Marketplace lets you upload and publish components for reuse.

You decide when and how widely to publish your creations. Keep new components hidden for initial testing, restrict usage to just your own company, or open up access and show the world what you’ve created. Later, when component development is complete, the component can be uploaded to the Incorta Marketplace for further testing or publishing.


Check out this guide if you want to contribute to the Component Marketplace and have a JavaScript experience.

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