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User and Group Setup

User and group setup can simplify or complicate your content sharing strategy. Here are a few suggestions that will make content sharing more manageable:

  • Assign roles to groups. Do not assign roles to individual users.
  • Assign every user to at least one group.
    • Users should be assigned to groups based on the content that they should be able to see.
    • Users assigned to groups will inherit the role assigned to the group.
    • If a user belongs to multiple groups, the highest level of privileges available from the groups is what will be applied.
  • Assign a group to the top level folders in your folder structure. It is not required that every folder have its own unique group. The same group can be assigned to multiple folders if they should see the content in those folders.
  • Assign groups to subfolders if it is required that the group see the content in the subfolder but not see other folders or content at the same level or above. 

User and Group Best Practices

Create these groups to help monitor content more easily.

  • Create a group for those who have the Super Role and for any other roles that you wish to see all content. You might call it “Super Role” or “Superuser” or something that indicates that this group should have privileges to view all content.
    • The Super Role has access to all of Incorta’s functionality but it does not have access to content by default. Content must still be shared with a user (not recommended) or a group in order for the members to see the content if it was created by someone other than themselves.
  • Create a Viewer group for users that can see content but can't edit (read only).
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