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1/2 question, 1/2 vent - Can I control log file size? I can't download files > 1 gig


You can't download log files greater than 1 gig.   That tidbit is helpfully in the log files section of the documentation as well as in the message generated when a selected log file is > 1 gig ( screen cap ).

What I am not finding in the documentation is a way to control the file size to keep it under a gig so that its potential usefulness can turn into *actual* usefulness.  

I am also flummoxed at the instruction to "remove some files" from my selection of... ONE FILE.  

As it is now, there is a potentially helpful log file cooling its heels on a server somewhere sipping a mai tai and just mocking me for having the audacity to even try to troubleshoot an issue.

Yes support ticket.  Not holding out hope that I will get ahold of the log file this evening when I'm trying to resolve the issue and wondering if I'm going to have a bigger problem tomorrow morning if executive reports don't go out.





Quick update - first, although not quick enough to troubleshoot last evening, support did turn this around quickly with a resolution this morning ( ~ 12 hours round trip ).   So big kudos Rjanish and to the support team for exceeding my expectations!    @FadiB 

Unfortunately, the resolution was to make my log file available for download, setting up a reliance on a support ticket to see logs if they happen to be over 1 gig.   I don't know who to tag for product related issues ( @JoeM  - can you let me know the appropriate "@" ? ) but if there is to be a "hard limit" of 1 gig for a download, there should be a limit on the log size to fit under that limit.    As an aside, I'd be curious about why there's a 1 gig download limit...    

I'll be checking out the mailing issue this morning, although the user reports later dashboard tests have mailed successfully so  ...   we shall see!

Glad to hear that @RADSr and thank you for sharing the feedback.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Great to hear that Rjanish was able to help. Tagging @Prince  for additional visibility.



This sounds frustrating - if you have access to the server and can edit the log file, you should be able to delete lines based on the timestamp.  I haven't tried this, but the notes on how to delete lines show it's possible to do it with a pattern.  If you know the approx time of the errors you're looking for, you could delete lines from the log file from non-affected hours.  You could delete lines that contain [00: or [01: and you'd remove all the lines from the hours of midnight, 1am... etc..  the command is  :g/<pattern>/d  so example above would be   :g/[00:/d