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Differences between SQLi and Incorta SQL capabilities


I have a SQL statement with a long and convoluted backstory ( tl/dr - bug making me chase workaround )  and I've come across a potential solution using cast ( <column> as numeric ) 

See the animated GIF at the end of this post for the perplexing problem!

It works wonderfully in DBeaver connecting to Incorta via SQLi 

It does not work wonderfully - nor at all - using a derived table w/ Incorta SQL.  It 1) asks for precision and scale and 2) excitedly tells me that decimals aren't supported when I give it precision and scale:

Currently decimal type is not supported!

 note the serial punctuation.  

As well I've found a potential workaround using round(<COLUMN>, 2 ) but again doesn't work in the UI as round() will only take one input and the workaround doesn't work around with only one input.

I hadn't expected that there would be functionality when using an external tool that isn't available internally -  should I ?    Is there documentation somewhere of what functionality is available where?   



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