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Resolved! How to implement column level security?

There are some business sensitive columns that only certain users should have access to.   For example, only show salary information to executives or users at a certain management level or above. For all other users trying to build insights using thi...

KailaT by Employee Alumni
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How Does Incorta treat NULLs for KEY columns

I'm in the middle of trying to figure this out - Incorta table w/ multiple key columns, some of which may be NULL on some rows.    Do I need to assign ( IfNull ) fake values to these for Incorta to recognize them as part of a key?  e.g.  Think Order ...

RADSr by Partner
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Incorta SQL table cannot query from Incorta SQL ?

We're getting an error when trying to query a table written via Incorta SQL The actual error is that we can't query a table written in Incorta SQL in the same schema, but we get the same error when querying from a new schema so...   maybe the error m...

RADSr by Partner
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