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PDF configuration?


I have a dashboard with a list insight which I would like to send as a PDF but I cannot figure out how to control pagination so that 1) the entire list is included in the PDF and 2) ( bonus ) it includes page breaks between groups.

Relevant aside:   I *did* look at the support site but searching for 'PDF' returns no results.  


prompting for my renewed call:

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Hi @RADSr 

Actually exporting a table to PDF has 2 modes:

  • Single insight export, will export the full list
  • Dashboard export, it will export only the 1st visible page on the dashboard. I you need the full list, then you need the full list available by increasing the page size from the insight settings.

@Prince  - thank you.   I put together a quick test w/ the online store and exporting it from the interface after expanding the insight window does reflect the entire list on the PDF.

Unfortunately emailing it from Incorta does not ( 2022.11.1 )   - it ends pg 1 partway through the last group and renders an empty pg 2.    

What I'd really like to see is the ability to configure PDF output ( e.g. page size, orientation, page breaks on groups, group values as page headers, etc. ) but I don't see any option to control the PDF rendering.

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Yes, that is right, we do not support sending a single insight, which would have solved the issue with the current export capabilities.

Will look into how we can get this supported in an intuitive way and get back to you.

@Nehal FYI