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How do I connect Incorta to Looker or looker studio



In the documentation I saw that we can connect to Tableau or PowerBI through the postgresql connector. But If I want to connect to Incorta through looker, how do I do that?

Also I was curious to know if the underlying datastore in Incorta is PostgreSQL. If yes, how does it work with parquet files





Hi @rajib76 ,

I have not used looker in the past, but it looks like a a PostgreSQL database can be connected. Incorta does not store data in a PostgreSQL database but instead presents data through the analytics service using a PostgreSQL connection. There are two port options available:

5436 - engine port with spark fallback (recommended)

5442 - directly to spark

Port 5436 will perform better because it reads from the analytics service rather than the parquet files if possible. Here is an article with more details about connecting.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help 🙂


As an add-on to the above response, if your Incorta deployment is using our incorta cloud, the ports mentioned above may not be valid.  In that case, your Incorta Administrator should have access to the Cloud Cluster from On the Configurations Tab, scroll down to "Connect External BI Tools" and you will see an entry for SQL Interface Connection String in the format of <URL>:<Port>. Use this URL and Port for your Postgres connection, and the <tenant-name> of your environment for the database.  Provide your Incorta Credentials, and you should be all set.

As to your second question, NO we are NOT a Postgres database.  We are merely using the Postgres connector to expose our objects "as if" they are Postgres tables.  In fact as mentioned above depending on which port you are using, you are accessing our schemas and business views either through our proprietary engine or via Spark directly.  Therefore, you will be querying directly against our Direct Data Mapping (DDM) Memory based model through our engine or parquet via Spark.


Here is a post with the step by step instruction about connect to Incorta via PostgreSQL driver from Google Looker Studio -