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You can take advantage of the Incorta SQL Interface (SQLi) to access data from your Incorta tenants using the PostgresSQL protocol.  What this allows you to do is build dashboards using data stored in Incorta in third party visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI.  This article points you to the best practices for building dashboards when using third party visualization tools.

What you should know before reading this article

We recommend that you be familiar with these Incorta concepts before exploring this topic further.

Applies to

These concepts apply to all versions 4.5+ of Incorta for customers who implement Incorta on premises or in the cloud.

Let's Go

Incorta has been used as a data source successfully by many customers.  Below are best practices for you to keep in mind as you configure your third-party visualization tool in preparation for creating dashboards with Incorta data in them.  Once they are configured, the concepts explained in the Dashboard Design Principles and Visual Analytics In Incorta articles on Community are universal and can be a good reference as you build your dashboards.


Read this article for detailed information and best practices on how to build Tableau dashboards using Incorta data as your source.

Power BI

Read this article for detailed information and best practices on how to build PowerBI dashboards using Incorta data as your source.

Other 3rd Party Visualization Tools

As long as your visualization tool can access data using the PostgresSQL protocol, then you can use Incorta as a source.  Follow the instructions here to configure your tool.  If you have any questions about the integration, check or post to the community or work with Support or Customer Success who will be happy to help.

Incorta APIs

Beginning with Incorta 5, Incorta’s public application programming interface (API) allows developers to interact with data within Incorta for programmatic uses.  The power of being able to access data programmatically opens the door to many new applications.  Incorta receives API endpoint request payloads and returns response payloads in JSON.  The following document from Incorta Docs discusses the Incorta API implementation.

Best practice use cases for the Incorta API include:

  1. Build your own charts or tabular output in an external portal using Incorta sourced data
  2. Take the data downstream to other applications using the RESTful workflow
  3. An alternative to script and extract curated data

Attached to this document is a Zip file containing sample python code using the APIs.  It includes a sample dashboard and a sample insight setup.  We use pretty tables to create a formatted tabular output of the JSON output.

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