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Data Agent troubleshoot


Data agent is enabled and has been running up until update ( you can see where this is going ).

After update ( several jumps to 2022.7.3 )  of cluster and data agent:

Agent service is running

Agent status is a green checkmark

External data source which uses data agent tests successfully

Creating a new table w/ source I can write, execute ( and view result set ), and validate a data source.

Loading the new table - and existing tables - using the external data source fails. 

This last bit is what is throwing me.  Obviously Incorta can connect to the DB as it is bringing results back to the editing window when I hit "execute," but it's still barking when trying to load data:

==== snip from loader log ========

Caused by: com.incorta.connector.errors.DiscoveryException: Error of type SQLException while discovering columns from datasource [SQL_Anywhere_17] due to: Not implemented at com.incorta.connector.sql.SQLDataSet.queryNullBatch( at

=== end snip =========

I do have a ( sev 1 ) support ticket open, but posting on the chance that somebody who's gone through an update may have seen and resolved this.   Maybe a java update?

-- --


So here's the solution  ( tempting fate because it's in process 😉 )  - there had been similar issues w/ this ecosystem pre-me, the support ticket(s) had been submitted under an organization which wasn't the customer so I had/have no insight into that history.  


One of those issues had to do w/ the custom connector and required a custom .jar file which was overwritten by the update process.   


Support ( awesome job! ) rapidly confirmed the steps I'd taken, investigated further, and engaged the development team to deliver a new customer .jar.   

I'm writing this on a Saturday, so even extra kudos to everyone involved!    ( if some of you Incorta employees know the correct Exec VP of Support to "@" with this positive feedback please feel free to do so ).

-- --

Thank you very much for sharing the feedback on the team @RADSr !

Community Manager
Community Manager

Mentioning our support leader @FadiB !