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How Does One Set Up a SharePoint Connection?


I'm struggling to set up a connection to my SharePoint site. I'm using OAuth with SharePoint Online. I have set up the client_id and secret. The domain field is pretty self-explanatory, but I'm not sure what to input for "Site Name." I've tried all of the reasonable options, but nothing has worked and I can't find anything to explain what that field wants from me.

The documentation is relatively sparse.

Here is the error message:

INC_03070502: Failed to Connect to [REDACTED] due to [Post request to get the bearer token failed] with properties [[authenticationType, oauth], [domain,], [clientId, REDACTED], [siteName, ????]]

Here is the step by step instruction about creating a site in Microsoft Online and connect it from Incorta.  

Hope it help.



I believe this is the solution, thank you @dylanwan.

Unfortunately, it did not work for me. I believe the issue is that our Incorta front-end is on our intranet, which doesn't have a signed SSL cert. Hopefully this works for others, however.