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How Does One Set Up a SharePoint Connection?


I'm struggling to set up a connection to my SharePoint site. I'm using OAuth with SharePoint Online. I have set up the client_id and secret. The domain field is pretty self-explanatory, but I'm not sure what to input for "Site Name." I've tried all of the reasonable options, but nothing has worked and I can't find anything to explain what that field wants from me.

The documentation is relatively sparse.

Here is the error message:

INC_03070502: Failed to Connect to [REDACTED] due to [Post request to get the bearer token failed] with properties [[authenticationType, oauth], [domain,], [clientId, REDACTED], [siteName, ????]]


I'm having similar trouble with the Sharepoint connector in Incorta. Tech Support is trying to find a solution.

Below is the error I get:

ERROR: [08:57:37] [gcanalytics_dev | 117164 | POST/service/connector/testConnectionBySpec] com.incorta.api.exceptions.DataException: INC_03070502: Failed to Connect to [DCD] due to [null] with properties [[authenticationType, basic], [user, hgo\srvIncorta_p], [loginUrl...('CDP%20Manual%20Court%20Log')/items]]

Community Manager
Community Manager

@gnwamvannatta , @Jono - let me see if I can get the right person to answer this question for you. Thanks for your question!


@gnwamvannatta - You need to create a Site in Sharepoint or can use an existing site. Under that site you need to create an App and register it. Below link can help you to register an app.

Use the client id and client secret in Incorta which is used during the app registration. Sitename should be the one where app is registered

@vittalkini I completed the app creation and registration. 

When you say the sitename should be the one where the app is registered, what do you mean by that?

I have tried everything that would seem reasonable to put in that field, but nothing works. 

ex.) If "" was the sharepoint site url, I tried

  • thisisthesitename
  • testing

I also tried the app name created in SharePoint to no avail. Do you know what value should exist there?