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Schema Model Update error question


TL/DR - What's going on under the hood w/ schema model sync and update? 

I'm looking at a physical schema which loads daily - and looks to have been loading successfully for over a month ( for easier viewing of when it last failed please vote for  ) 

When I look at the schema window, however, it shows the Model Update Status as finished with errors.  Clicking on that message shows me a bunch of messages under "Updates" as finished with errors **BUT** the model sync status says "success."    

Clicking through the failure messages gets to the helpful "null pointer" message - that's as far as I've investigated that so far.

There is no "save schema" option indicating that the changes were... accepted?  Saved?  Other?   

I'd like to copy this schema and make a change, save, load and test ( which would be a ton easier with this - please vote: ) 

What I'd like to know is what Incorta is doing when it updates and syncs a schema/model ( and is there a difference between "schema" and "model" in Incorta vocabulary? )   What sort of trouble am I courting by not rectifying the errors? 

And of course everything else there is to know about the sync and update processes  😉 

I'll be opening a ticket as well but I'm not quite set up to do that in this environment yet so any help here will be a great head-start!


Thank you!

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@RADSr , we have these main schema update statuses:

  • Success: that means all the update cycle was successful
  • Failed: that means the whole update process has failed
  • Finished with errors: that means that some updates have failed, but this did not block the rest of the succeeded tasks to continue and sync with other services

For more detailed description, please check this doc link. It also has some details about the whole process.

For the difference between the schema definition and schema model, is that the schema definition is what is persisted and saved in the metadata, while the schema model is the definition that is stored in-memory and used by the engine.

What problems that might "finished with errors" cause:
This means that there might be an inconsistency between the schema definition in the metadata and the definition in the metamodel (schema in-memory model), which could (or could not) lead to issues in the load process.

What you should do to fix that:
Check the error details and try to fix and reapply, or revert the change, accordingly, to keep the schema consistent.


I will follow up on your support ticket to get more details about the failure.