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Use of same data agent on a cluster clone ( DEV )?


[edit] 2022.9.0 in both clusters 

I have a data agent set up and working for a PROD environment.   We're now in the process of standing up DEV - which is a clone of PROD.

I assume I need to generate a new auth file and add it on the data agent server, but I'd like to get confirmation that I won't be interfering w/ PROD  ( problems w/ rolling back PROD changes have made me rather gun-shy about PROD changes... hence the new  DEV  😉    )

Support has had this one for a while, so community is starting behind, but I have confidence in our collective knowledge winning the race!  




I have this resolved - I'm updating here in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

It **appears** as though the data agent will only read one ( the first? ) .auth file in the conf directory.   I say appears because working with support I got it to work and I'm not going to chance breaking it again  😉 

So the short of it is copy the data agent folder w/ a new name and put the new .auth file there.  Then delete the old one.

Add a second service pointing a the new folder.



@FadiB  - Ahmed was really helpful -- stayed on Zoom until we sussed out the issue and tested.   Kudos to him, cloud team, support team, etc.   

Thanks for sharing the feedback @RADSr and the resolution on the community! Glad to hear the issue got resolved.