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Community Manager
JoeM_0-1647290819061.pngIncorta ships with a wide variety of connectors for SQL-based, Cloud-based, file system-based sources.  On top of that, Incorta's new relationship with CData is introducing hundreds more connectors.  With all that, we occasionally have customers who have older sources or sources we simply don't have connectors for.  Have no fear.  This post explains how to add custom connectors to your Incorta platform.  Valid for version 4.x+

Steps to Create a Custom SQL Connector

  • Copy the JDBC driver jar into <INCORTA_HOME>/IncortaNode/runtime/lib in all Incorta nodes (aka. all servers running Incorta)

  • Restart analytics and loader services

  • Go to the Data tab and click [ + New ]  Add Data Source

  • Select Custom SQL

  • Options Driver Class, Connection String and Validation Query are specific to each database

For example, Informix from IBM would look like this:

  • Java Driver Class: com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver

  • Connection String: jdbc:informix-sqli://<host>:<port>/<database>:informixserver=<dbservername>

  • Validation Query: select count(*) from systables

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