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Move Data from Dev/Test to Prod

Introduction It is a best practice to test configuration in the development/test environment(s) before moving it to production.  In some cases, production data is loaded into the Dev/Test environments for validation purposes as well.  This article di...


Create an ODBC Connection to Incorta

Applies to: Any Incorta version On-Prem/Cloud Question: How to configure an ODBC connection?Unable to connect to Incorta using ODBC Overview: Any program that uses Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to connect to a remote database needs a way to iden...

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Multi-Source Table Design

Struggling to wrangle data from multiple sources? Learn about how and when to combine similar data points from disparate sources with three different approaches using the Incorta Platform.

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Read this article to review variable types in Incorta, when you use them, and best practices around using variables.

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ML with IRIS data set using Incorta

This article shows how to use a classification Machine Learning (ML) algorithm on the Iris Flower data set. It first creates a model based on a training data set and then scores the the test data set and gives the prediction of the flower based on th...

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