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This python script takes an unzipped tenant export file or an unzipped schema export file and produces a csv file which has all the table column details like datatype, etc... in a schema. This csv file can then be imported into Incorta and a dashboard created on top of it to query the schema metadata.


  1. Download & unzip the zip file. They are two scripts and you can run as per your use case:
    1. : extracts schema, tables and datasource info
    2. : extracts schema, tables, columns, datatypes etc and datasource info
  2. From the CMC export the tenant and unzip it locally or from Incorta UI just export the schemas you need and unzip them.
  3. Configure the path in the script for the dir and outputFile variables
  4. Execute the script as - python <script>
  5. This will create a csv  file which can be imported into incorta and a dashboard created on top of it to query this data.


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