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Artificial intelligence(AI) and Machine learning(ML) are being applied to various industries.  It is very exciting that Incorta supports integration with third-party AI/ML platforms. When you use AI/ML platform you can leverage the data that you have already extracted in Incorta or use the same tools that you have been using to prepare your data, and providing as input to your AI/ML process for building the ML models and for ML inference.

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Here is the typical machine learning process. 

Copy of Incorta Machine Learning Roadmap 20211005 (1).jpg

After you prepare the data in Incorta you can use the ML platform to perform further feature engineering, developing and testing the ML models.  The model can be deployed outside Incorta or within Incorta as a part of the regular Incorta incremental refresh. The scored data or the prediction can be stored in Incorta like any data enrichment and business dashboards can be created and leverage the prediction to provide additional insights.


Copy of Incorta Machine Learning Roadmap 20211005.jpg


Reminders: When you use the third-party AI/ML platform, you need to contact the Incorta Engineer Team to check the compatibility and interaction of your app and Incorta API. 

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