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I was able to embed a YouTube playlist into my Incorta dashboard - but only after contacting support to allow cross-domain references by modifying a config file.

All was well and I went happily on my way until the next day.

Then my iFrame didn't work anymore.

Support tells me this configuration needs to be done again after every cluster restart which for non-prod clusters is kind of a high-cadence occurrence.    

@awarrier   @anurag 

The product idea is to not overwrite that modification when the cluster restarts.

The question is in the interim can I do anything from my end ( cloud admin portal or CMC ) to re-enable this upon the cluster starting?  


Bumping - 

I asked support to reopen my ticket as I'm still looking for a solution and I will update here if that comes back before an answer on Community.

I know on prem I could re-copy the configuration and bump the services via a script but I don't know how to get the same result in the cloud.   

The public API documentation doesn't seem to allow for config changes:

My understanding is that any non-PROD cluster should not be connected 24/7.    As it stands that looks to mean if I want this functionality on a non-PROD cluster I'd need to submit daily tickets to support to reconfigure my cluster.    



Update - Kudos to support @FadiB  and the cloud team for rolling a fix for this !    

The setting has been  made and has survived at least one disconnect/connect.

Apparently we can change this status from "New" to "Delivered" !

Thx all !