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Status: Investigating

Different than personalization - there should be an author/editor only option to hide/show columns.


I'm encountering one use case right now -- I have a complex calculation which evaluates multiple columns in a list report.   In order to troubleshoot and unit test I want to display every step as its own column which has tremendous troubleshooting value and no business analyst value.   I can *delete* my columns, but in order to troubleshoot/validate again I need to then *recreate* them which is very time-consuming.  

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Status changed to: Investigating
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Randy,

Thanks for requesting the feature and sharing your use case.

There is value in extending the hide/show columns beyond personalization to be a configurable option in an insight within Analyzer. It certainly provides the insight author more flexibility. This enhancement is viable as long as the insight is a tabular list report. We will look into supporting this in a future release.