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Status: New

There are certain features that are currently a part of "Personalized Views" that should be incorporated into "bookmarks" - meaning that upon personalization (select insights/edit layout/edit insight settings), the respective changes that the user makes should be able to be saved as a bookmark along with other existing bookmark features such as user-applied runtime filters. This means that the user can continue to save multiple bookmarks and even make certain bookmarks public as they are currently able to, but the bookmarks will also save any selected insights/edited layouts/edited insight settings. Perhaps another way to look at this is being able to save multiple personalized views but name them and save them in tandem with bookmarks.
Bookmarks make it easy for the user to apply relevant filters quickly for the task at hand as it filters down information into only what is relevant for them and personalized views are a great way for the user to further simplify the dashboard to optimize their experience. If bookmarks were to incorporate the features provided by personalized views, it would elevate the developers' ability to tailor the experience for their dashboards' users, further improving value downstream.

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Adding on to give a shout out to my 2020 request  - if we could download personalizations it would spare us the process of multiplying reports simply because the column order/column selection has changed. Not sure the value of personalization without the ability to download