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Status: Backlogged

The possibility of sharing of one insight between different dashboards would reduce the amount of duplication when you need to see the same content in multiple dashboards, also reducing the effort for maintenance/updates.

This would be also very helpful for overview dashboards potentially sourcing/referencing insights from multiple other ones. (E.g. company top-level dashboard getting insights from functional dashboards.)


Hi! Incorta pls see comments I just made here - Decouple Dashboard Scheduled Email Delivery from S... - Incorta Community which i feel are related!

Status changed to: New

Hi @petrnekula ,

Do you need sharing the insight between dashboards to create multiple customized versions of the same/similar dashboard?

If that is the case, would dashboard personalization serve this? It allows you to personalize the dashboard view from which insights to view/hide and the layout customization and even hide/view columns from table insights per user.
For more info:

If otherwise, Are those insights high-level information that are no need to be affected by the prompt filters in each dashboard or you need them to act as native insights in the dashboard?


Hi Prince,

the use-case from which this idea was derived was building and visualization of the hierarchy of business KPIs. The aim was to create set of dashboards within different business functions, reporting their KPIs with quite complex coverage (meaning lot of tabs/insights). Next to it, we wanted to develop an executive overview dashboard where only a selected insights from the functional reporting would be shared (in a single or more tabs within one dashboard).

From this perspective I don't think it may be covered by personalization feature. On the other hand, most probably the view would show full range data, so it may probably be covered without prompt filters.

Status changed to: Backlogged