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I have a use case in front of me right now:

I want to quickly create a business schema table/view by dragging and dropping the physical schema table.  Can do.   

I need to add some CASE logic to the values based on a lookup code ( e.g. if LU=1 then 'blah', if LU=2 then "de", else "blahblah" ) 

I should be able to open an expression editor for every column and modify it's default mapping to include whatever calculation I need instead of having to individually create formula columns for them.

Note:  It's not that the end result can't be created - it can.   But it would be so much more powerful to be able to edit existing things than having to replicate, modify, and delete the originals.  


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@RADSr can you share a little more around what you expect to see? When you would go to the expression editor would it just have the column name? What are you getting vs dropping the formula column (as you mentioned you can do). Not seeing how this would be a big productivity boost for you.