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I was working on an insight formula filter and it wasn't working.   The next troubleshooting step was to take the formula and use it as a measure to see what the resultant value was.

The resultant value was #ERROR  

Although the insight *did* generate SQL, there was no way to find the genesis of the #ERROR.

Trying to troubleshoot that was a painful ( and long ) process because I had to log into the CMC, get and download log files, unzip the log files, search for errors, find my error, fix, repeat  ( the repeat bit seems to have been something to do w/ cache as restarting services seemed to allow the fix to be recognized.

At a minimum I should be able to view the logs ( or -tail if the files are too unwieldy ) from the web interface.

TL/DR:  I should be able to get to the logs from the #ERROR message and there should be some relevancy to the log messages I see.   Either log messages from the last two minutes, related to the dashboard I'm editing, my UID, etc. 


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@RADSr we are in the process of improving our error logs, error handling etc. We have a current project underway which will make it a lot easier to debug any issues you might run into. It will have log hierarchies and ways to navigate and customers solve problems themselves.