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The UI has had some wonderful improvements over the last few releases but it still gives the impression that Incorta is meant to be a small system with small tables and only a few schemas.  Here are some easy ideas to fix this.

1) In the table editor, make the column window resizable.  I have tables with 200 columns, but can only ever see 13 at a time.

2) The notebook editor cannot show more than 21 lines at once.  Make the paragraphs resizable.

3) The Schema tab needs Folders and better use of the page.  We have schemas that read from each other and teams may have a few each.  We need to group these together with folders in a left pane navigator.  This is a common feature of all database management tools.

Expanding a folder and selecting a schema should populate the rest of the page with details about that schema.  Show load table details (number and sizes), the diagram, owner, notes, load pattern (incremental/full), load plan (schema dependencies) all on the right.  Maybe an option for a pie chart that shows a breakdown of MV/Table/Analyzer/IncortaSQL/Alias.  The new Job Details page in 6.0 is a good model.  But at the least we need folders so the system doesn't look 'full' when you have a dozen schemas.  I have heard feedback that Incorta doesn't appear scalable.  Paging is annoying and naming conventions aren't a good method of organization.

Thanks for the consideration,

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for your feedback @mike_mascitti - I'll move this to product ideas so PMs can get a look at this.