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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

Welcome to the Incorta Community

You found us! Whether you are just checking out Incorta, a long-time user, or looking to geek out on data with us - you’re in the right spot!

The guidelines below are here to help us align to the expectations of the Incorta Community. Don’t forget that your use of this community is subject to these guidelines, our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.

Have a good time!

We’re all here for the same reason; let’s enjoy it! 


Our community has members from all walks of life, experiences, expertise, industries, and roles. It is imperative that all members of our community feel respected. Sometimes people may ask seemingly basic questions - we all need to start somewhere, so please, kindly welcome them and assist if they seem a bit lost. When interacting with other members, keep a positive tone and exhibit patience.

If you are new to the community, please take the time to ask thoughtful questions to the experts. Other community members will be much quicker to assist and provide a solution if more detail is given.


There are so many ways to geek out on Incorta. It’s easy to have a discussion quickly change. We ask that if you want to change topics, go ahead and create a new one! It will ensure the relevance of the previous discussion and make your discussion easily found by other members.

No Advertising/Selling

The Incorta Community is an information-sharing platform. We encourage those participating to feel free to share information on products and services they enjoy. However, we that the platform will not be leverage to advertise products or services. Any posts infringing on this will be subject to moderation.

Your Privacy

Please note that the Incorta Community is a public forum. We encourage you to share only information that you are comfortable sharing with the general public. This includes your personal information or information about your employer. Be aware of sharing any data, screenshots, or trade secrets. We encourage members to check their posts to ensure sensitive information has been anonymized before posting.


Incorta Community moderators reserve the right to edit, move, block or remove discussions, signatures, or images they consider inappropriate or disturbing to the community. Incorta also has discretionary privileges to remove members. It is critical to our community that the exchange of information is respectful, relevant, and inclusive.

If any moderation actions are required, the community admin will message you why the post has been moderated. If you have any questions, please reach out to the community moderator @joe_miller.

Feedback and Ideas

Here at Incorta, we are always looking for better ways to serve our members.

If you seek to submit an idea or feature request to our development team, please submit the request here. We love hearing from you and look forward to continuing to build innovations into the Incorta platform.

If you want to submit an idea about improving our community, please reach out to us at

If you have questions for Incorta that cannot be discussed in the community, please contact:

  • your CSM or Account Executive (if you are an Incorta customer)
  • a Sales Representative at

Email us at, and we will route it on your behalf.


Inappropriate Conduct If you see users violating the guidelines of the community, please notify the moderator. This can be done easily by selecting the 'down arrow' at the top right of the post and selecting 'Report inappropriate content’