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Purpose & Intent

The Community provides a trusted environment for our customers, developers, and partners to get answers, share ideas, collaborate, and learn best practices to help make their time with us as successful as possible.

This document is intended to serve as a definition of our participation guidelines in the Incorta Community and to encourage appropriate behavior so the Community remains a trusted environment. We want to encourage full participation from partners so this document can act as a guide to what’s inbounds, out of bounds, and who to escalate things to, if a situation requires it.

Please familiarize yourself with the Community Guidelines  that govern interactions for all members. The guidelines and expectations set forth below should be observed in addition to all other public-facing documents.

No Active Prospecting

The community is NOT a platform for prospecting potential customers or recipients of your service. If Incorta discovers partners have been using the community platform to collect information, user info, overly obtuse signatures or any other information needed for prospecting outreach, it will result in a ban from the community platform as well action on partner eligibility.

Community Participation

Keep the discussion in Community

When a community participant asks a question, we ask that partners refrain from encouraging the conversation to be taken offline. Examples:

‘I know an approach to the problem, please contact me.’

‘I can be of assistance, can you meet me on zoom in 1 hour’

As a community, we are trying to reinforce that the community is the place to go to get questions answered. If answers are taken offline, then the community has been undermined by the partner. However, if there are any instances where private data is required to answer the question, the Incorta community recommends that question facilitation is handled offline.

Customer Privacy

Partners may be working with customers that have sensitive information. If a partner posts that information to the Community, the partner will be held at liability for the sharing of information. If data has been exposed, please contact to receive moderation services.


While the community allows signatures, we ask that signatures be modestly applied. Community supports role labeling to identify partners. We ask that signatures do not include marketing or selling clauses.

Proving Value vs Selling Value

The community is a huge beneficiary of partner engagement. It is important that all community members feel the community is a safe and authentic place to ask questions. Partner service selling in community is a quick way to degrade user trust. Instead, we encourage partners to be an example of community by contributing high-value and thoughtful content. By doing so, partners and community will more readily earn the trust of customers.

Partner Sites

All partners are entitled to access to the partner resources section of the community. If access is not available today, please reach out to with the desired email domain of access.