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Employee Alumni
Employee Alumni

Are you interested in starting a discussion or sharing your expertise but are not sure how to get started? 

Here are a few tips to consider when creating your post:

Make it personal

  • Don’t just ask a question - share why you are asking the question. Are you working on a new project or trying to find a more efficient way to do something?

Provide context 

  • Explain what you know and have already tried. If you explain what you have already tried, others will not spend time suggesting it to you. 

Add supporting visuals 

  • The community has an array of functionality to share supporting visuals including code snippets, images, and more. 

Make it easily consumable

  • Be as concise as possible. Try to follow this outline for all new discussions and replies: Introduction, Context, and Question/Answer 

Promote peer interaction

  • Ask for replies about what others think or encourage others to share their experiences with the topic. 
  • When replying to a post, do not forget to leverage the @ mention functionality to directly address the author and/or any contributors or to bring another expert into the discussion. This will send a direct notification to the intended recipient.

Label your post 

  • Labels are required for all new discussions to assist in search optimization. You can click multiple labels but be sure to select the most relevant options. 

Be responsive 

  • If a fellow member responds to your post, be sure to respond back to keep the conversation going. Even a simple thank you or Kudo goes a long way!