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Zero Gravity Reflections

Community Manager
Community Manager

What a jam-packed day it was yesterday.

It started with @NickJ kicking us off and ended with some great insights from @LayeredDelay  and Jacques Nadeau. 

What were some of the themes you saw out there? What surprised you? What didn't?

Some themes/observations I had:

1) Everyone is struggling with the same challenges: speed, accuracy, complexity, and dependability.

2) Almost every presenter in my tack mentioned one accuracy failure that undermined trust for their teams. Data work is being ruled driven/measured by the reactive/defensive fear of being wrong and stifling the ability to innovate/create rapidly. As our industries' technological capabilities improve, data teams are moving beyond just 'keeping the lights on'.

3) Data mesh is a rising conversation - but much of the spotlight currently sits on the principle of data-as-a-product. There were quite a number of open questions on enabling domain ownership while maintaining data availability and context.

4) As @SteveW said - we won't have to worry about our jobs for a long time. 

What did you see and hear? Any surprises?