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Incorta Copilot index_chroma

I realize I'm probably going to need to log a ticket for this, but wanted a little bit more information around this command as well.I was reading this post (


Cluster/Tenant relationship ( can it be 1:n )?

We've gone through support to configure our Azure OpenAI account so we can use copilot. I have the idea that if we wanted to add a different audience -- completely disparate data, authorizations, audience, etc. that it would be a very quick thing to ...

RADSr by Captain
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Resolved! Online Store with updated Dates - my gift to you!

Hello Incorta folks  (  Incortites?  Incortiacs?  Home Incorting King/Queens?  Surely not Incoherents!  ), I was on a webinar for another vendor and one of the things which caught my eye was the fact that their demo data was dated up to 2024."Hey," I...

RADSr by Captain
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Using CSS with the Cloud?

After reading the "Customize Incorta with CSS" documentation, I would like to know how to accomplish this with a managed cloud deployment.I am being asked to brand our site.