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Cluster/Tenant relationship ( can it be 1:n )?


We've gone through support to configure our Azure OpenAI account so we can use copilot. 

I have the idea that if we wanted to add a different audience -- completely disparate data, authorizations, audience, etc. that it would be a very quick thing to add a new *tenant* to my cluster v. spinning up a new cluster and doing a new support ticket.

Since I want this to be repeatable it's not just a "one time" thing.

When I look at the tenants tab in the CMC there is a plus sign to add a new tenant but also a message stating only one tenant per cluster.    This leads me to believe it's either possible to have multiple tenants now or is/was on the roadmap.

My question is which is it?    And if it's available now is it a cluster size thing, licensing thing, or something else thing which results in my interface not offering the option?

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