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Join Measures use case and sanity check on definition


TL/DR: Looking to learn everything there possibly could be about the Join Measures insight property.


Although the words "Join Measures" do exist in the documentation, scant actual information about the setting is included.

Two part question:


1) I *think* what this does when set to "No" is prevent Incorta from performing a stitch query to disallow multi-fact tables being used for measure columns in an insight when they are being grouped by dimensions from different tables.    This results in a NULL ( visually a dash ) being show.

Of course willing to be corrected if the above is incorrect.


You can see that here:

tenant: pmsquare  UID: guest  PW: visit


2) Regardless, has anyone ever turned off this feature for an insight and.... why?    I get that the join logic gets more complex, more processing needed, more time to return, etc, but if that's an issue the answer doesn't seem to be turn off Join Measures which results in an sparsely populated list, but rather re-author the insight and dashboard to better return information within the confines of available resources.  ... or move up cluster size  ( <<< do that - sales make the commission check out to cash 😉  ) 


Also - UI / UX teams everywhere.   If there are only two choices ( e.g. Yes or No ) there is no need to populate the drop down with a third of "Default."    The default is either Yes or No, just let the setting populate the drop down box.   #petpeeve 




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