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Internal Query Expression


The documentation ( link below ) says InQuery can be used either in an internal session variable or an InQuery filter operator and formula expression.

"What does this mean?" seems like a simple question, but there it is.   When I drag a formula into an insight filter InQuery isn't in the list of available functions and typing it in nets me a "not supported" message and a steadfast refusal to validate.

----- deviation from main subject ----

In the interim I'm also experimenting w/ creating a global variable with "query" and returning the list of values I want to filter ...   but also from the documentation:   

Global Variables that return a list of values are not functioning properly when referenced in MVs or individual filters.  

which I take to mean individual filters in insights ( ? ) 

------- circling back ------------

So if you were to define a list of high-margin products which you wanted to be the enterprise definition of high-margin products for filtering queries across tables and schemas which have product numbers in them what would be the best approach?    

My inner-Kimball has always balked at the "star schema is dead" line, is this a case where I need to model a single version of the product truth and include attributes such as this as formula column flags?




@RADSr This video shows how to use inQuery operation to design your filter for the use case you mentioned.

Filter Top N Products by Sales
Use inQuery operator in applied filter to filter data in all the insights in the dashboard to filter by Top N products by Sales. N is a variable which takes inout from presentation variable in the dashboard.



Thank you! 

I was trying to create the filter using a formula directly instead of filtering the column and using the drop-down inQuery.