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Community Manager
Community Manager

The community you see before you today is not the community we started with. Over the last two weeks, we had a limited release. During that period, we received feedback and have made the following changes to the community:

  1. Changed the label color for Community events for improved legibility. Additionally, the event calendar/list toggle was improved.
  2. Improved solution behavior to no longer 'float'. Instead, users can select to 'go to solution' to navigate to the point in which the solution was provided. 
  3. Updated the 'Macros' in profile settings to read as 'Fixed responses.' JoeM_1-1647963112851.png
  4. Removed the question button from the hero and added it above the community activity
  5. Added color to the category search within the search bar. JoeM_0-1647963042426.png
  6. Removed the hero from the Direct message pages to help increase the footprint of direct messaging
  7. Removed the global hero image that contained distracting fireworks.
  8. Removed rank badges from the top kudoed members component.
  9. Fixed KB teaser images not showing as expected.
  10. Added text to hero for the event page to improve member navigation.
  11. Improved the login to read 'Login' instead of a blank avatar circle.

Stay tuned for more upcoming changes to the community. Also, if you would like to see any changes, please reach out to us at!